In 2019 I was working on another website development company. But I didn’t like their policy because I was forced to use pre-made templates with my job. Mainly to save time and finish the projects more quickly. I hated this because you couldn’t express your creativity and to make customers website more unique to it’s owner. Most of the website development companies are focused on having as much projects done with as little expenses as possible. Either you get a pre-made website, or a website with a terrible back-end. Why we didn’t care about the back-end? Because it’s not so easily spotted. People would see a good looking website and that was it. Problem with that was the loading time. Customers website would load for 8 or more seconds and if asked we were forced to lie about it being their internet fault. That’s why I have created BeaAWhale. A company specified in unique creations and fast loading speed with as best customers support as possible. We understand where you might have problems and we are happy to assist our customers with every step.

Our company orientates to exclusive and polished looks. When we create our projects we look at competitors in that niche. 
We examine their websites, look at the best and worst parts of their website. After taking notes on what to avoid and what to focus on
BeaAWhale start’s it’s creational magic. Throughout the whole process we like to think and look from the eyes of potential customer.
Everything should be professionally made, yet simple enough, so no person would get lost with the overwhelming amount of mashed information.
We make sure that our clients website has the best and most comfortable experience in that area.


Our market is global. That’s why we want to have everything you want. Most of the local businesses want their website to be in their home language,
but most of the web designers only offer English as their language. On the other side, we are up for the challenge. Even though we might not speak
that language, but we will make sure that everything is well translated to your desires.


Have a website, but don’t know if it’s good? Write us a message and our designers will follow it up with their point of view.
Maybe it’s perfect… or maybe it looks cheap and you should get everything redone as soon as possible. Not only we analyze
your project, but we suggest solutions to improve its function or business efficiency as well..


After every project we provide clients all the information needed on how to keep all the website features functionable.
How every function work and how to manage everything on your own. In an occasion where something breaks, or doesn’t work,
we provide a full support up to 4 months after the project is done.


Using somebody’s else designs can look non professional. And who wants to look cheap? Or that you don’t care about your image?
Some businesses pick cheaper routes – using something they find from the internet. But that backfires, once people realise that. 
It might create an image that you just try to earn quick money. So if needed we have designers to help you have your own peace of art. 


Don’t want flashy or unique design? This option is out of your budget? Don’t worry we can work with smaller budgets too.
That option will get you simple design focusing more on speed. Sometimes just having a fast website is more than enough.
That’s why we are more than welcome to provide this option as well.