Why hire a web developer?

You might think you can build a website yourself at a lower cost, without hiring a web developer, but I almost guarantee you will be disappointed in a long run. Now days there are loads of website builders that lets anyone build themselves a good looking website without any knowledge. However this option con have a bad inpact in your business. Here are some examples of why:

Lack of uniqueness

Even though those popular and easy to use website builders offer a good customizability options, you will probably not achieve the image or the features you have in mind. It will give you options for wanted features, but they will look almost exactly as any other website that uses the same website builder. A good web developer can make your website stand out.

Page speed

Most advertised page builders are slower than the websites built with HTML. Why is that important? Most people won’t wait 10 seconds to load you website. Now days you want to achieve a load speed faster than 3 seconds. You probably won’t achieve this without good optimization. Even Google stated that every extra loading second will result in a 20% drop of users. Check it yourself

No room for growth

Once you have a website on Wix for example you have no options to move. Wix and other website builders doesn’t let you migrate your website. That means you are stuck with that provider unless you build a brand new website elsewhere. If you plan on growing your business you will probably need newer and newer features and there is a good chance that feature will not be found on popular web builders.

Not good for branding

Popular website builders are known for cheap. It is easy and fast to start of, but you have to keep in mind that you own nothing. Everything will be page builders property and they will surely advertise themselves on your website. Cheap website builders creates the image of a bad business that just wants fast profit. And who wants to represent their business as cheap?

Hard to be found

Google doesn’t like websites made with Wix or other similar page builders because they use flash instead of HTML. Google knows that it will load slower and provides a bad user experience. So it won’t place your website in top results making it harder to find you or your business.

A Good web developer will cost you more, but it’s a good investment that will pay off in a long run. Not only they will save you lots of time that you would have spent learning everything about the websites, internet and how everything works, but also will make it easy for you to manage everything. Some even provide you and option to manage everything for you. Here are more ponts on why it’s a good investment for you.

Unique design

Experienced web developers can create just about anything you can think of. Every aspect of a website can be just the way you want to. A good designer will make your website exclusive giving you more branding that the user can remember easily. A great high-end design can give users a little more trust in brand. It will make you look serious about what you do.


One of the steps in building a website is investigating the competition. Developer will create a great design that can compete with the best sites in that industry. Designers job is to make your website stand out in the crowd.


One of the most important things that can save you a lot of money is a good seo. Skiled developer will make sure your website has good SEO that help you rank in google organically. It will help people find your website without any extra cost.

Clear message

Getting your message across is not an easy task. Have you ever been in a website where you don’t even understand what it is about? That can happen to you. It might seem obvious to you, but for a new user it can be harder to orientate around your site. Web developer focus in making business message as clear as possible making it easier for the customer to have business with you.

Best tools and support

Web developer will provide you all necessary tools like domain name, ssl, hosting, They make sure your website runs fast and smoothly. Hiring a developer for a monthly support will result in a website being always updated website and fast responce in fixing problems / errors that could be created over time.

In concusion

Creating a website can be pricey or very time consuming process, but it’s the main way for you to communicate to your customers and for them to find you. That’s why you shouldn’t neglect having one. If you are in this for the long run hiring a good web developer could be your best choice. If you hire a web developer you can be sure you will have a great looking and smoothly running website.

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