How to start an online business?

So you want to know how to start an online business? Getting a business online can be a real challenge if you are new to the internet, but I can guarantee you it is worth the hustle. There are many benefits to having an presence online – from faster and easier management to a increase in customers / sales. Here is my tips on starting a business online.

Create social media accounts

Social media helps you to increase awareness about your business and connect with your customers boosting your leads and sales. For starters you should at least have a Facebook and Instagram accounts. Post any updates you have on those platforms. For a more advanced business you can have YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tublr, Tik Tok, Reddit accounts. I suggest you not to try running on every single social media platform (it’s easy to burn out and get discouraged). Try a few and find what works best for your business.

Get a website

Website is your identity online. Now days for a business having a website is a must (here is why). Creating a good website can be a challenging and time consuming task, so maybe consider hiring a web developer (What to look after when hiring one). A good web developer will guide your business through the wonders of internet and will set you in a steady place. It might be pricey, but it’s one of the best long term investments you can make. 

Google my business

Google my business helps you appear on the search results even on maps. If you have a local business you must have a Google my business account. It will help local users find your business. Let’s say you have a bakery. A user can search “Fresh donuts near me” and your business can appear next to the map. Isn’t that amazing? 


At first getting noticed can be quite a challenge. That’s where advertisements steps in. For example you can buy advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube. I suggest starting with Facebook and Google advertisements. The difference is that in Facebook you are searching form a potentials customers (you set up your wanted audience and facebook shows your ads to that audience) and Google lets users find your business (you set up your wanted keywords and once the user types those keywords your business shows up). If that sounds complicated (it probably is) you can hire someone to do that work for you.

Here are main things you should consider doing if you want to start a business online. I personally recommend hiring a person to help you with your journey. A professional has done it many times and will save you time and mistakes you could do working alone. Good luck on your journey!

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