How to hire a web developer?

Hiring a web developer can be a challenging task. All these companies are competing in getting your attention as well as offering different bonuses, that still look the same. It can get tough trying to pick that one developer who will be responsible for your online business. Here are some tips on how to pick a web developer from a web developer:

  1. Look around their portfolio website.

    Do you like what you see? Do they know how to present themselves? Developers portfolio website shows the dedication of the designer. If the website doesn’t look good developers might say that’s because they don’t have time to make it, but most developers start with making their own website. Since that’s how you represent it might just tell you that the person is lazy and doesn’t take this work to seriously.

  2. Take a look at the projects they have already been done.

    These show you the designers ability to turn idea into working website. Already made websites can show you the art-style of the designer – does he have a certain style, preferences or can he adapt to a different styles, different needs? Find out if they are making these websites themselves or are they using pre-made templates. (Truth be told, most of the developers use pre-made websites and only change some options to save time).

  3. Measure their projects loading speed.

    A lot of developers make a good looking websites, and to you it might look great, but the problem is in loading speed. If you have a slow website, people just won’t come. Now days you must have a website that loads faster than 3 seconds. There is no point in having a great design but load time over 3 seconds. People will click-off before even seeing your website. You can do that easily in GTmetrix.

  4. Check for a fixed price already on their website.

    Website price range is too big. Price can be hundreds for a single landing page or thousands for a more complex work. It is too hard or even almost impossible to know the price without understanding the project. If developer shows a really broad price prediction – that’s fine. But if their website has a fixed price for their projects you can expect a pre-made website to be delivered to you. Developers that show fixed prices try to catch you with a low offer giving you good looking, but low quality pre-made website. For them quantity is over quality.

  5. Write them a message. 

    Ask if they are familiar with SEO, site optimization, graphic design, if they give any warranty for your website if something gets wrong, will they make website easily managable or can they help you manage it. Some web developers offer website managment for a small fee. Ask if they have any recomendations for your project and what is the expected work time / cost.

  6. Pay attention to their questions about the project.

    Web designer should be interested in your idea and should want to get to know about your business, your audience, your goals. So he can make the best suited website for you. If designer doesn’t seem to be interested in your business, that might indicate that he/she will be trying to just get this project done like any other.

  7. Tell your deadline and ask if they can meet it.

    If you don’t have a specific deadline, talk about it. Designer should provide you the imformation about the waiting time and expected finish date.

Once you found what you like you may know proceed with the project. Before work web developer might give you a legal document to sign. Don’t get scared, it’s so they are legally protected if buyer wanted to take the website and not pay. Always ask how the designer wants to get paid. Does he charge for project or per hour. 

Your website is one of the best keys to getting your message across and making sure buyers find you. A great website can skyrocket your business and a bad one can leave you wondering why you have no sales. Always stay careful when picking a person to do this job.

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